23 thoughts on “Who Will Pass Into Oblivion

    • Long ago I wrote that ‘love never dies’. And I think the same thing for the goodness of our actions. Good things lived and expressed just keep reverberating. Long after the actual moment. Thank you for reverberating 🙂


  1. notation with fame or recognition is something, that our society think is the real prize for work and effort, but I think it is not !!!! How could be an official recognition have any worth in a material and manipulated world like this? The real recognition is the personal one from one person to onother or even to oneself!

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    • Exactly! The little deeds of kindness that go unnoticed, the little effort to make somebody smile, to add to somebody’s happiness is so much greater than anything. And may be the world shan’t remember but the person touched by the act of love and kindness will always do and isn’t that a million times better 🙂


    • I think the interaction and the feeling are the best reaction we can get. And I think kindness survives because most people do not seek recognition. They do it because it is the best thing to do and people want to be their best.


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