26 thoughts on “Disproportionate

  1. Florence Sovel Shinn, an American artist and the author of four books, wrote : “Giving opens the way to receiving.” We should aspire to give with kindness and receive with gratitude…when the acts of both are done in this spirit, the amounts of either truly do not matter. St. Francis of Assisi said it best : “For it is in giving that we receive.” Thank-you!

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    • Ellen, thank you! There is so much to learn about one’s self when it comes to giving and receiving. It might not be so for everyone, but I think there is. A little bit of a segue…. years ago when someone was giving me something and I was stumbling over myself to say something, including excuses for why I shouldn’t be receiving, the person reached out gently and said “you only need to say thank you”. Oft times since then I have expressed ‘thank you’ and have felt quite graceful in doing so.


  2. Oh bother! I had meant to add something important before posting my comment, but my aged brain let it slip away undone. I had but 17 minutes left to tell you that it was “Hug A Friend Day” and send you a hug. More like making an empty circle of my arms and imagining you embraced in them…social distancing and all of that you know! Now it is gone, too late, unless : Would you in your mind “Fall Back” and it would now be before the clock strikes midnight and the celebration is ongoing. Good…consider yourself hugged! Thank-you!

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    • So this is kind of funny. I am not much of a hugger unless it is a trusted person or situation. But MANY times over the years I have told someone “consider yourself hugged” because that is my way of extending my understanding. :). So THANK YOU!! πŸ™‚


      • This is rather funny to me as well! For as long as I can remember my children and I never parted without a kissy-hug with the words “I love you”. “Consider yourself hugged, I love you” is what my children and I now say at the end of our phone calls, their texts and my computer emails, and our FaceTime meetings! Benjamin always tells me “Gem, I love you to the moon and back, consider yourself neck-buster hugged” as that is what he named his hearty hugs nearly 2 years ago. Thank-you!


        • Neck-buster hugged. Now THAT makes sense and I do enjoy those from the grands as well. Though I have never named them. I like Ben’s title. He needs to put that out there to encourage others.

          I feel very bad for those who love to hug. It must be hard. I am a hugger when it comes to kids/grands/spouse. But not so much strangers πŸ˜‰


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