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    • Bow ties are beautiful! And I’ve never been a smoker but Grandpa smoked a pipe and cigar, dad smoked a rare mini-cigar. Those smells take me to places I haven’t been in 30 years, more even. Those aromas take me back. 🙂 I would wear the hat without hesitation.


  1. we are all susceptible and that’s a good thing, because without susceptibility, we would be ignorant, without the will to learn from others. Motivation is the magic word, if it comes from your inner self you can grow, if it is just an replication from the outside you will shrink ! Do what you want, does not mean it does not matter. It means search your will, and be responsible for it….

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  2. I would be willing to wager that I know exactly which Winston Churchill quote that might be! So, I will not bore you with what you have already heard. However it is the lovely little colleen smoking the cigar that made me laugh even prior to reading the accompanying thoughts. When I was in elementary school my very best friend was a girl named Becky. Becky’s tiny maternal grandmother smoked big cigars, not just any cigars but the best imported Cuban cigars that money could buy. Her entire family was mortified by this habit, as “Grandmama” would smoke a cigar wherever she happened to be. Sometimes I think she did so just to have a good laugh at their expense. At Becky’s 10th Birthday Party after successfully blowing out all the candles on the cake, Grandmama with cigar in hand said she hoped a good wish had been made. Becky slyly said the wish was that Grandmama would stop smoking. I still remember how the elderly lady laughed and said “Darling, your wish has already been granted. I stop smoking every time I finish a cigar!” When we were high school seniors the frail woman was still smoking those cigars! Thank-you!

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    • Ellen if you click on the name “Ray” above the picture it takes you to Ray’s page with the quote. It’s so funny that I wanted to smoke a cigar when I’ve never smoked beyond a ‘try a cigarette’ event.

      And I have to say, I love Grandmama ! 🙂


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