31 thoughts on “Thinking Things

  1. Choosing to be alone is the best sort of alone, especially when you can choose the few people to be around you, so you won’t be completely alone! Laughing. This is what I do. It makes no sense, so it works perfectly.

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  2. i love your self-realizations and i’m a big believer in doing or not doing whatever you choose to feel better, without judgement. if not hurting anyone. i don’t believe your jowl-ectomy or haircut would harm anyone. i’m an introvert too, but also hate not being able to mix in with other people when i choose; think i’m an extroverted introvert.

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  3. I love this post! I think this wee colleen looks adorable with a whale spout hairdo! You are so cute, I could just pinch those jowls! I am an introvert and proud of it, as Sophia Dembling says : “Introverts are not failed extroverts.” I’m sitting here with a coffee mug that is inscribed with “I was social distancing before it was cool.” and own a T-shirt to match. Still, I do not like to be told to either stay or go…the freedom to do so is missed. But we must do what needs to be done to ensure the well being of everyone. I cut my own hair, though admittedly it is more difficult to reach the back than it used to be. The great thing about cutting one’s own hair is that no matter how bad it turns out…in time it will grow back! Stay safe and well! Thank-you!

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    • I am not sure which I am, probably an Introvert Forced to Exert Extrovert Behaviors. 😉 and I have run the clippers through my hair 4 times. David’s hair is MUCH longer and almost long enough for a pony tail. He said he isn’t cutting it until it’s over. 🙂


  4. I’m what they say is an “extroverted Introvert”! I guess I am because social distancing doesn’t bother the introvert in me too much, but the extrovert misses the few people she’d meet at the cafe off and on. Point 5,6,7…check! (for me) As for my mirror, it says many things to me that I don’t like… my hair has grown waist long… the color is fading from the forehead backwards so I have this distinct wide white band merging into dark brown! I’ll do something about it… but not right now.

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    • I think the hair sounds fabulous! I have a HUGE shock of silver hair that I’ve never colored. Others call it grey, or white, but I call it silver. Makes me feel more valuable 😉 I do struggle with the being told what to do part. But….I do it.

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  5. My mom hates her jowls too. I saw a commercial on youtube for some thick, sturdy plastic tube thing you bite and it strengthens your jaw line, takes years off your face, cures cancer, etc. Maybe it would help. I considered sending it to her.

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