20 thoughts on “And Not Know

  1. I’ve been flying tonight
    Off with the faeries….

    The Forest Of Doubt
    Tonight, after dusk
    I’ll be in the dark forest of Doubt
    On a mystical walkabout
    To find those elusive faeries
    With their wings of mysterious star-dust
    And I shall fill my empty pockets
    Ready for Mothers Day tomorrow
    Whereupon I’ll spread the magical sparkles
    One handful on my mother’s headstone
    The second one on my wife’s grave site
    And as the same as other years gone by
    For us, the faeries willing share their night

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    • OHMYGOSH! I used to have a dream about jumping and I would keep going up and up and up and I would be telling myself FLY so I don’t fall. But I would wake up before I flew, and before I would fall.


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