33 thoughts on “Denied

  1. I know. Sometimes it’s just that one thing that tips us over. But people are resilient. You have shown in your life that you are. One day at a time we will get through this and enjoy many woodland walks in our future.

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    • Yes, our state parks were closed down here because of that very reason. WAY too many people. The nearby residents were being overrun by people parking outside of the parks they were so full they couldn’t hold the vehicles. At that point, I would have kept driving right on by. WHY would you avoid crowds to go find a crowd? Even if it was outside? Anyway….some of the smaller ones are open and people seem to be respectful. This one being closed really surprised me.


  2. Yes we have been good, it’s the loss of freedom of choice that chafes. I visited my grandson. 1 hug through winter clothes around my knees. We drew on the sidewalk with big sticks of chalk. He showed me his prowess on the slide and swing. Made big muscles. Lots of hand washing. No smooches. But to see that little face lifted the weight of the world off of me. Hang in there Colleen. We’ll get through this.

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    • Three of my grands I only see through a screen. But I would feel horrible if I ever took anything to them. That keeps me ‘here’. I’m glad you’re doing well. We are too. It’s a curve ball alright though.


  3. How sad is that! I can imagine how it felt. The only thing that kept me going was my walks. We were permitted to go for walks though not in groups. So even the walks down the streets was good. And while all the parks, even nature parks were closed, one remained open… it’s a sprawling trail park and honestly, it gave me reprieve. It became my cathedral… a place where I could feel at peace and let all anxieties and worries fall away. Not to mention deep breathing the fresh, pure forest air… sitting by the lake and listening to the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore… Since yesterday the nature park has opened too. Small businesses have upped their shutters too. On Wednesday, the Mall opens its door. Though, I’m not too sure if that is a good thing right now!

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