Where Peace Will Come From


I think the greatest chance of the most exquisite existence of peace and humanity lies in the most common of men and women.

In the hearts of men and women who see hatred and refuse to allow it in their hearts as they go about their  living.  Refusing to accept it. Refusing it in any part of their lives.  Refusing to be fed off of to fuel the growth of it.

In the breaths they exhale they express kindness and acceptance.  They do little deeds that exude thoughtfulness and consideration.

They take from their small paychecks and buy food for the hungry.  They donate clothing they cannot use to those who can.  They stand on the sidelines of their child’s game and slip an extra twenty dollar bill in to the coach’s hand to pay for a child’s t-shirt for t-ball.  To help other parents who are trying so hard but struggling to make ends meet.

It’s the men and women who speak in response to their friends, neighbors or family members when hate is spoken.  It’s a word spoken when they hear a lack of understanding expressed about someone else being different.  It’s the softly spoken “why does that scare you?”  and “how does that impact you?”   It’s the calm conversation of sharing acceptance and tolerance, even if you don’t agree.  It’s the rational voices that prompt discussion that delve into differences and try to come to understandings of one another.

It is the common man and woman who exist knowing love for others.  They give it.  They accept it.  They know they do not have to be like everyone else and they celebrate that they are not.

It is the parent who teaches gentle behaviors and help form strong characters to defend their beliefs.   It is the teaching of self defense that starts with how you live and treat others …. lessening your need to defend against those who are fearful of your existence.  Lessons on standing up for what is right and being part of something greater than yourself when you speak up for someone else.

It is the man and woman who get up each day doing everything they can to own their existence and all that they must do.  And in doing so have no intention of conquering the world.  Or anyone else.  They just want to exist within their world, to work, to play, to celebrate, to worry, to build a wonderful life.  Knowing that their life does not have to come at the suffering or conquering of others.  Knowing that their life is enriched by the fellowship of others and the sharing of being different.

It won’t be a politician.

It won’t be a world leader.

It won’t be celebrity.

None of these will bring, create, or breathe life in to peace.

It will be the collective of common men and women.  The individuals who believe they have a responsibility.  And who, together, understand it is up to each of us to create peace together.

I truly believe peace will occur when men and women world wide become tired of being pawns in a crazy world.











I wrote this quite a few years ago and have posted it a few times.

It resonated with me again.