Trip, Root, Rock


I’m not the most graceful person.  I’ve been blessed with physical strength yet grace and agility have often left me stumbling and tripping.   Seldom have I gotten to any point in life without careening and ankle turning along the way.  I mean that in both the most authentic and allegorical ways.  I have learnt that my ungraceful ways is partly grace in itself.  When things aren’t easy but I achieve them ‘anyway’ there is a level of honor that comes from the awkwardness and the face plants.  The dignity of determination.  The elegance of self discovery and awareness.  I don’t want to write these things to applaud myself.  I want to write these things to encourage someone else.  The person who does trip.  The person who is not confident.  The person who is not supported or cheered on.  The world is full of graceful, elegant, confident and capable individuals.  I am not one of them.  And because of that I have tripped all over myself getting to points in life that when I look back on…. I can see that if it wasn’t for the falls I wouldn’t have seen all those magnificent things waiting for me from so many different angles.









Is it you?


21 thoughts on “Tripping

  1. this is me from the moment I was born, a wonderful post and reminder. and, I’m guessing that those who claim to have never tripped, may not be telling the full truth. that said, some of us have tripped our way through life more than others.

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  2. The view from the ground can be wonderful. Only this morning I was on my hands and knees examining a tiny wild flower that I didn’t recognise. You couldn’t see it properly when standing. The problem nowadays is getting back up again!

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  3. This is wonderful. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and learned. I once tripped while eating a sandwich and crossing a busy street in Washington D.C. I learned from to never do that, especially while wearing the ridiculous shoes I had on. And although this is sort of a funny story, I learned plenty about myself too.

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