What Are You Waiting For



You don’t need permission to be who you are.

I don’t need permission to be who I am.

I wait for the world to point out, accept or validate my value.  I wait for someone’s laugh to acknowledge my humor.  I wait for numbers to show my worth:  likes/weight/money.  I wait for a publisher to tell me I am a writer.   I wait for the world to acknowledge my existence.  I wait.  I wait.  I wait.  But from somewhere I hear an echo.  It’s there.  I hear it as a whisper.  No.  Not a whisper.  It is there and strong.  Am I silencing it?  Am I shutting it out?  Wait….    No!    I will not wait.  I cannot shut it out!  That sound?  That echo?  It is not coming at me.  It is not out there.  Damnit!  Listen!  Listen….. Me.  It’s me.  Quieting my own.  Quieting my roar.  Quieting me.  Listen.   Me.  Listen, to me.

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29 thoughts on “What Are You Waiting For

  1. We know we are awesome, and we need to tell that to ourselves every day. We won’t hear it from someone else. I just thought that yesterday – when I finally devised a system which works perfectly for something at work. (After every day every small mistake was pointed out) it was perfect yesterday, did anyone say ‘great work , thank you’- of course not, they are just waiting for the next mistake to put you down. So thank you for this. We are awesome and we need to pad ourselves on the shoulder.
    And by the way you ARE awesome! ♥

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  2. We are more than we know. Facts, numbers, sizes … all of these are things we learn from other people with different realities. But our reality is as unique as our existence. We are wondering about our feelings that do not conform to our knowledge. But deep inside, we know without numbers, sizes and quantities that these feelings have more truth than anything we have learned. If expectations are not fulfilled, this does not mean that we are not good enough, but maybe only that we should not live in expectation, but in our reality!

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      • I thank you, for your always so mind-blowing posts,…often I do not really know if I really want to have read them..; )..it’s kind of scary, strange and amazing at the same time, how much they fit into my life and thoughts ( you even painted once exactly my outdoor ….and this is a very special one)….I get more and more convinced, that thoughts and feelings are much more powerful as we can even imagine. And I think especially in this strange time it’s so important to find and follow the inner conviction, rather than speculating mentally and letting others push you through the chaos of the world. So thank you!!!!

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        • I appreciate your kindness Anie ❤️. I’m glad my words reach across our world and find you. I agree, the strength of thoughts and feeling are incredible. I am glad we share ours Anie. It’s so beneficial to share and listen to one another.

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          • Thank you Colleen…of course we share, but I know, that it is not only a passive sharing…it’s a powerful active impact, that creates, influence and change our reality!!!

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            • I just read something last night about our perceptions and realities. We ‘can’ change our reality by changing our perceptions. And we change our perceptions by communicating and learning. I paraphrased that but that’s the message I read. 🙂

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              • I agree 100%! What is our reality? For some people, unfortunately, only what they know … mainly based on so-called facts from which they try to form a global reality. The “mistake” in my opinion is, that they believe that there is a fixed reality that they are trying to grasp, rather than thinking that reality is preceded by a creative act that everyone creates through their point of view and subjective feeling. The feelings and thoughts are so powerful that they can pull a person who lives in a apparent perfect surrounding ( perfect reality when you just look on the facts) into deep depressions. On the other hand, they can lift a person who lives a “really” extremely bad life to a happy person. We all have to learn for ourselves to form our point of views in a way, that we and the whole world profits. Communication is important and works in a fascinating way!

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  3. I have had the same thoughts since so long, chatter blog. But, I am happy to inform, i am now able to leave the validation bit behind me. I do get carried away once in a while but for the most part, I am managing well without validations and hearing my voice… hearing me! Thanks for sharing!! 😊😊💖

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