But It’s Right There



There is always a truth.

Some can’t see it or hear it.  Some try to manipulate it and twist it.  Some will scoff at it and blatantly ignore it because they don’t like it.

But it’s there.

It’s right there.Ignore, Avoid













I could label this with current event specifics but it’s broader than that.

What are you ignoring?


14 thoughts on “But It’s Right There

  1. You hit it right on the head, Colleen. Too bad so few will recognize themselves though. I’m too old for all this….or maybe just too tired now. So many look at the facts but just don’t see them! “How many times….?”

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    • Val, you always make me feel a little bit better about myself. I do try to own my ignorance, but if “I know I don’t know” then I do try to figure it out/find out/understand. Sometimes I do think we have too much information out there that we have access to. 😉

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