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Years ago I sat in a classroom with a lot of other students.   The college professor told us we can’t predict or control the thoughts our brains generate.  I believed him.  I still do.  Because some pretty wild thoughts have traveled  from wherever they are generated right through the center of my thoughts.  I am forever grateful I sent them on their merry way never even letting them pause for  breath.  That day in that classroom we had an amazing discussion.  Including how we are responsible not for what thoughts enter our consciousness but for how we react to them.  I have appreciated that lesson on many levels for many years.  

19 thoughts on “Think About It

  1. That’s a great lesson, we never had that, a lesson for life. Every young adult should have lessons like that.
    However what I really loved in Religious education, we had lessons about drugs, including Alcohol and smoking ,saw awful films what it can do to you. Those films were shocking, but it did the trick. Those would not be allowed to be shown now, I am sure. It did though make us in the class think and ( I can only speak for myself) never touched drugs in my life. I will never forget those lessons and images. Some stuff really sticks with you.

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  2. I agree so much with you and the comments I’m reading. What I think does not necessarily equal truth. There is a scripture in 2Corinthians 10 that talks about “taking captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ.” I am not always as successful as I’d like. It is this that makes me the most fearful of Alzheimer’s Disease. My head is a complicated crazy place sometimes and requires an effective frontal lobe to keep my mouth restrained!

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    • YES! I have seen many dementia and Alzheimer’s patients who’s families are apologetic saying ‘this isn’t my father/mother/brother/grandpa/aunt” because they have lost the ability to organize and control those thoughts. It is horrible. THat loss. And the scripture makes sense. I wish I was better at it as well.

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