12 thoughts on “Cries Unheard

  1. This is haunting, Colleen. SO many are crying and no one it seems cares. Or, too few care but not enough. The suffering in today’s world! Those who have the ability to help are not. I believe the time has come for people to help one another.

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    • Though I felt this was very current for todays issues I was prompted by watching some history videos about the holocaust. I have been watching A LOT of history videos over the last 6 months. But, I thought you might like to know what prompted this.

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      • Oh, Colleen, you are a lot braver then I am. No way could I watch anything right now about the holocaust. In NY I’m living that reality. If my viewing is not light as is my reading, I shut it off, turn the channel, close the book. Are not people understanding history is repeating itself? Those who live in Germany do! Just your explanation proves the mirror effect between Germany and today. Downright horrific!

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        • I have been watching a great deal of history videos. Not all are holocaust related. But I so appreciate hearing the survivors talk. They have so much to teach. Truthfully though, I do have to watch them early in the day. I can’t watch them before I try to sleep.

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