39 thoughts on “Better Decisions

  1. Well, you could consider, while lying there, devising your own sunrise in your own imagination. Better than any you have ever seen. You clearly have the imagination to create your own better world. And then, you would not toss and turn, but stay in bed longer, knowing the greatest gift in the world is your own creativity.

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  2. I do not like to toss and turn in bed, if I roll over and go back to sleep, then that’s good, but If I start tossing and turning again, then I get out of bed and into my trackie, and that’s where my day begins…. and yes… I do get to see sunrise sometimes….xx

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  3. and sometimes your body and mind and spirit just need more rest and it’s okay to give in to that without guilt. i promise you that the sun will rise tomorrow and will give you another chance.

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    • I like waking early. I’m usually inside doing things though. On a routine. When this virus hit I was going out in the mornings. My drive time to work turned into my ‘gosh now I have time to sit here and watch the sun (or moon or rain). And then that routine got changed again. Isn’t a quiet morning the best?


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