My Soul Hurts


My soul hurts.

In a world where kind people turn cruel-speaking words of love while fueling fires of hate.

I reach, as far inward as I can, in any way I can to grasp for my soul.   In an empty but very real attempt to seize it. To wrap my hands around it as easily to protect, as the hate that tears into it so easily in its desire to destroy.  Repetitively it invades.  Shredding it.  Bruising it. Leaving it in tatters as it rages time and again into my core.

My soul hurts.

It bleeds. A bloodless letting of spirit and life flowing unstoppable from my very depth.

Stomped. Kicked. Torn. Pierced.

My soul hurts.

Searching for the peace that heals with compassion and altruistic energies.

My soul hurts.







24 thoughts on “My Soul Hurts

  1. Mine too, friend – from seeing so many people on so many sides of so many issues. We are no longer a world that seeks the truth, but a world that seeks the win…at all costs. I have a hope, however, that is born of those in pain right now, that we will find a way to use that to become the peacemakers in small ways. If enough small conversations happen, maybe they will fuel a change. You fuel change with every drawing, poem, and post, even when you don’t see it! Hugs to you!

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  2. So many of us get attached to our beliefs … we create stories and come to a place of being right… or righteous. When we take a stand we loose the essence of love that binds us all. We may feel justified … but are judging. We believe in a particular right … but condemn what we think is wrong. We add to the continuum of them vs us.
    Healing and true love is beyond this.

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