Where Is Duncan?


Years ago a fellow blogger, Duncan, wrote a post about the people behind the blogs.  How we often come to ‘know’ one another through our words, our comments, our laughs and our sorrows.  We most often never meet.  We may not even know what the other writer looks like.  But we ‘get to know’ these people in some form.  We follow their literary journey (if they write to be writers) or their life journey (they write to connect) or a mixture of both.  Duncan wrote a post about how one of the bloggers he had been following for quite some time, just disappeared, stopped writing, stopped commenting.  He wondered if something had happened to her or had she just stopped the writing journey.   During that write-up of his, and following comments, he had discussed his concern about the human behind the write.  About his concern for those ‘left behind’ in the blogging world who would worry/wonder.  Duncan recognized that this could (and had) happened.  He  said that he had a friend who would notify his blog community if anything happened to him because he understood there would be people who would want to know.

We haven’t heard from Duncan in many months.

I am well aware from where I sit that there are actual humans behind these blog posts.  Life is happening.  Things occur that may (or often times not) make it into the blogging world’s awareness.

Duncan may have decided to just stop being part of the blog world.  Something may be preventing Duncan from being part of the blog world (health, activities, priorities).  Duncan may no longer be part of this world.

We may never know.  I have tried, and I know others have tried, to find out if he is okay.

If Duncan chose to no longer be ‘here’ I wish him well and hope his life is full.

If Duncan has passed away I want him to know I am thankful for his presence when he was here, his humor, his compassion, his thoughts.  I want to remember the man who sat at his computer and shared these things with strangers around the world.  We may have never met but we exchanged thoughts and emotions, the very essence of human communication.

Wherever you are Duncan, I miss you.  I wish you happiness wherever you are.