22 thoughts on “Extracted

  1. The wind is a powerful voice of nature….

    Leafless Branches

    There’s a warning sign swirling in my yard
    Words are being splattered on my fence
    Blown in by today’s gale
    Leafless branches are flying around
    Nature’s own, final count down
    Suddenly, on the horizon, there’s a red-brown cloud
    Rolling in, over the barren hills
    And a dust-storm quickly engulfs the air

    The racing silver clouds and blue sky
    Now invisible through the thick red haze
    Dry topsoil from the western plains
    Aerially transported by the wind’s angry throat
    And there’s no calming the dusty tempest
    Until mother nature has had her way
    I stand here, leaning against her force
    Feeling her violence, pitch dirt in my face

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