23 thoughts on “Visualize and Conceptualize

    • 🙂 thank you Paulette. Here’s the REST of the story. It is something I have been doing for a long time, envisioning this very thing. So I wrote it/drew it the night of 11/12. I received, on 11/13 an acceptance letter from a publisher. It is not what I hoped for (and had to turn it down)….but how amazing to post that and then it happens!!!!


  1. I love this image you have painted … complete with tea mug in hand & fire crackling.

    P/S I found you through Betsy’s blog (ParentingIsFunny) – what got me was your comment about tea for keeping feet warm! Incidentally, it used to be Barry’s or Lyon’s only for me. But since there has been a shortage (friends not travelling back to Ireland or the UK), I have had to make do with whatever I can find in SIngapore.

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    • 🙂 Thank you Purple Pumpernickel! Barry’s and Lyons all the way! (I have purchased from Amazon when I can’t find it or get it!!!). Those teas are the best.

      As for appreciating this picture I painted, I will share something with you. I wrote and drew this post on 11/12. I would actually imagine this while laying down trying to sleep. I have done this for months but I didn’t post this. On 11/13 I woke to an email from a publisher offering a contract. Unfortunately it was not the kind of contract I hoped for. But I was so grateful for the email arriving when it did. It showed that we can envision things (and work for them). I just need to be more specific in my visions. 😉


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