The Truth


Just a thought about the multitude of things we believe and hope and understand and dream about.  ‘We’ must all see them so differently (hence a world of confusion, chaos and division).  We see dreams for our future that others may not see or understand or believe.  We see ‘truth’ of a situation or a person that others do not agree with.  We see things as we understand them only to be at odds with others who do not.  Just a random thought about what we actually see when we are looking at our truth.


19 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. My truth may not be your truth. As Beth says, we see things through our own lens and filters. THE Truth is above it all. Some of us may have glimpses of that, but we may be mistaking it for our truth….. it’s a conundrum that’s for sure.

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  2. I have found it painful and lonely for a long time because it seemed nobody around would share the same perception I have – took me a while to understand that all of us are trying to stand on our own ground of truth, takes patience and compassion to allow and accept each other for how we see.

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