33 thoughts on “That Stuff

  1. Yep !! I’ve still got Carole’s fur coat hanging up in the wardrobe….😊🥰🥰

    A Forever Coat

    Her favourite coat, forever hangs in my wardrobe
    Unmistakably I feel the coat’s presence
    Every-time I open the wardrobe door
    I instinctively turn to see her family heirloom
    A gift that’s been handed down from her grandmother
    However, the gift she wasn’t able to wear when the sickness begun.
    Not once, over the next thirty years, of frailty and fears
    Time is now a broken clock face
    Seven years ago, she did pass
    And her favourite coat I keep, my piece of memorabilia
    I do know, she’s not going to reappear
    For me to gently and warmly cover her tender shoulder
    Consciously I’m not sure, why the coat remains
    I’ve tried to give the coat away
    To a homely charity, and even a local actor’s group
    Fortuitously her coat has not been accepted
    Here in the wardrobe, the glorious old coat stays
    Along with the other trinkets of her forever spirit

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  2. It is interesting isn’t it.
    First we are barraged,
    all of life with ads to buy stuff.
    It will make us better,
    in so many different ways.
    Now we are being barraged,
    by the minimalist pros,
    to organize,
    and get rid of stuff.
    Buy their consulting services,
    to help us,
    buy their books,
    or organizers.
    Heck buy it all.
    It will make us better
    Some stuff will be gone.
    New junk taking up space.

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  3. My sister and I literally had a box growing up, which we called, “Stuff we want to keep but don’t know what to do with.” We probably should’ve renamed it, “stuff we don’t need and should really get rid of.” I now wonder whatever became of that box and that stuff. I hope we eventually got rid of it!

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  4. When I sort out I look through and get rid of some and keep the maybes… but a week later I feel like the maybes are also goners so I get rid of them too. Time makes it easier with the maybes and thinking what do I want to do with it. It works for me. I got lots more to get rid of. One drawer at a time. 🙂

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  5. The longer I’m around, I begin to understand why some of those ancients the archaeologists dig up now and then have enormous tombs packed full of stuff. They wouldn’t part with things in life, so their descendants buried it with them- to make room for their stuff. I’m trying to avoid that burden for my kids.

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    • 😂 this is so funny Eric! And probably true! I am hoping to not do this to my kids too. I keep telling them what I leave behind they have to deal with. They are more than happy for me to downsize the ‘stuff’ now.


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