29 thoughts on “Under A Blanket

      • Weird I was just visiting with you and my screen closed. So, I was saying it is so amazing when you have snow when there is no place to go. You have food to eat and of course something sweet. The fire is burning your characters are turning, in your creative mind, something new you’ll find, to bring more joy to us all. I just love that little house you drew. We want a cabin up in the Appalachia’s. We don’t need much space for the two of us and we have been looking to seriously downsize. Nine hundred feet is the smallest I would think feasible but that is really all we need. So the house you drew is like perfect. I hope you do some more snow related posts with your characters. I feel a snow man coming with all that great hair like your character made with sticks. Sending love and hugs my friend. 🤗💕❤️💕❤️Joni

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  1. You are right, as in your picture, being in a wooden house in Switzerland having hot chocolate, open fire, thick woolly socks – perfect Winter. With snow much better than in rain. it is in the mind, but it really does taste better.

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  2. I got up early today to clear the cars of our half-foot of snow and am enjoying my cup of coffee right this second, MBC. The TV says the city 90 miles to the south of us received 40 inches overnight. I feel for the folks who have to clean that from their cars!

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