With This Star


I believe in the Star of Bethlehem.  There may be science behind it.  That’s okay.  I believe in science too.  For this season, and for all who love to look up and enjoy the night sky, please feel free to leave me a name, any name you think of fondly, any name you wish/pray good thoughts for, any name of someone you miss….I will add their star to the sky.  The sky and the stars that we all, regardless of faith/culture/location/traditions, can look up to and marvel at the beauty.

Imagine as we look up to the stars and see such beauty – the stars must look down at us and marvel at our beauty.   We, like the stars, so unique, yet the same.



Star, Night, Faith







20 thoughts on “With This Star

  1. Oh I too believe in the star. This is so beautifully said and so kind my friend. You are like a fresh log on a smoldering log, that brings back the bright fire. So kind. Yes please, could you add my name, “Josie Karen” was a loving name my mother would call me sometimes. Thank you kind friend. 🤗💕❤️🦋😘💝🙏Joni

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