24 thoughts on “And Unnecessary

    • It seemed so innocent (and in all honesty it was innocent, no ill will). We would take a jar and poke holes in the lid for air, layer grass in the bottom, and have a mini theater of lights. But…we had a grander theater to start with.

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  1. You know, sadly I do not, Colleen. We don’t have lightening bugs in California, and I guess even in my travels I’ve never been introduced. I’ve always been curious, however. I can see me taking a trip sometime where I put lightening bugs on my list of things I must see!

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  2. I didn’t catch them in a jar, but I certainly enjoyed “lightning bug tag.” If you were tagged but had a lightning bug in your hands, you were free (and so would be the bug), but if you hadn’t caught a lightning bug, you were It.

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