24 thoughts on “Behind The Screen

  1. It is strange. I don’t think it is the technology or the platforms which are the problems. Think of what our community does with wordpress. I think it may be when a selfish actor controls a platform, that we have a serious problem. It hasn’t changed that much. It is still an arrogant human creating a grave problem for other humans regardless of the mode or medium.

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    • I agree, we each have our responsibility in ‘this’ and our behaviors. As a society, I think we have some how lost the understanding of ‘responsibility’ (in many different ways). I think the ‘progress’ of technology has made it easier for people to be unkind, even cruel, and remain hidden behind their words. Additionally, I do think there are some who may only be replying to ‘words’ and not give thought to the human who may be reading them. Sad, all of it.


  2. It’s a conundrum! I like the technology at our fingertips but I often find myself getting irritated by the way it’s used by some folk. Especially comments on social media. At times, most times in fact, I find the way ppl use facetime intrusive. Just because its there, it doesn’t mean I want to facetime! Ask me first if you can and should.

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    • Exactly Joycee. Just today my granddaughter started a social media account. Due to an oversight it was not ‘private’. You would not believe the cruel comments. It happened IN LESS THAN AN HOUR. Fortunately it was caught quickly and dealt with.

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  3. All three of those. How often do I see people so engrossed in their phones and oblivious to the human beings around them? Also, I’ve seen others pretend to be busy on their phone just to avoid interacting with another live person!

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