Hugs For Sue


The internet.  We ‘meet’ people in a much different way then pre-internet days.  Meeting them often means not meeting them.  But getting to know them through words and adventure.  One such never-met-but-met-through-her-words-adventurer has taken me all over hill and dale to explore a part of her world I would likely never have been able to explore otherwise.  Her life, its joys and sorrows, have become familiar.   She wrote today about some of her life, the not easy part, the cancer and covid parts.  I couldn’t stop thinking about her and her day.  So I hugged her.  The only way I could.


Hugs for Sue

I hope you laugh Sue.  And consider yourself hugged.

❤️ colleen

Sue Vincent









21 thoughts on “Hugs For Sue

  1. This is so sweet my friend. What a very precious gift for Sue. I love how you drew her and put her pretty face in the picture. So thoughtful. Also I like what you said about writing people and getting to know them like it used to be done back in the day. Sending you love and hugs and an especially big hug for Sue. 💕🤗❤️😘

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