19 thoughts on “To Feel Silence

  1. How very beautiful, what an amazing piece of art! You know I have never felt the silence more then when I use to go snow skiing in Washington and no one was around and I would stop and the snow would fall all around me and it was almost like feeling and experiencing silence, so peaceful it would feel like I was close to God. The trees and sunset are so lovely and I do love me some trees. Thank you for this. Love you my dear friend. Many hugs coming your way Colleen. xoxoxoxoxo

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    • Oh my gosh Joni, I can feel that moment you describe. My most ‘silent’ moment was also in snow. I was alone on our families property, the snow was the deepest I have ever experienced in my life. I felt like it must feel like this in a real life snow globe. It was intensely beautiful. ❤️

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      • Yea, I was hoping you had that experience too. You can fit inside a snow globe my dear friend. Hehe
        I am glad you had that experience because I knew that same feeling would resonate. Love ❤️ you my amazing friend. Love Joni

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