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  1. Many decades ago as summer twilight turned into night at my Gram’s farm, my siblings and I captured some of the multitude of fireflies in mason jars. Though we called them by another name, Lightning Bugs, we were fascinated by the seemingly magical abilities of their bodies to light up the fields and our jars and our fingertips. Due to Gram’s teaching we never kept them captive for long, instead setting them free to fly, and light the darkness again. So it was a great delight when about 9 years ago I came upon these words written by Ilan Shamir printed on a wall hanging in a store in Kennebunk, Maine…need I add, it was purchased!
    Advice from a Firefly
    Be full of brightness
    Pulse with excitement
    Have a healthy glow
    Delight in summer evenings
    Keep a childlike sense of wonder
    Set a shining example
    Lighten up!
    Thank-You for sharing your lovely art & innate wisdom and for stirring up the beautiful memory!
    Sadly these days, Fireflies are sparse populations and not seen much anymore…a great loss for humans, caused by humans!

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    • We called them Lightening Bugs too! πŸ™‚ (I thought more might relate to firefly). I love the words. I hope to Lighten Up!!! And you’re right. I don’t see the Lightening Bugs like we used to 😦


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