20 thoughts on “Conquered

      • Oh what an incredibly astute observation. When I was little I was called Joni Baloney Stick of macaroni. My ears stuck out too, so then I was called dumbo. My father offered to sew them to my head (he wasn’t kidding) instead I wore masking tape folded over on my ears until they bleed, crusted over and then I did the whole process over again. Sorry to ramble but I am a bit of a liberal. One really doesn’t know if someone is special or beautiful until they get to know them. If the inside is not beautiful the outside quickly is no longer appealing.

        I am so glad you are here too. You are very beautiful and very special. Another wise soul. Love ❤️ you Colleen. Joni

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        • THAT is a very accurate comment Joni. Not always, but often, people are dismissed by appearances. I shudder to think of the beauty missed over the generations. I’m sorry you went through such torment. I see your beauty, I want you to know that.


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