34 thoughts on “As They Speak

  1. listening to other’s point of view is the beginning of dialogue. We do not have to agree but we should allow others to express themselves. And then others should allow us the same courtesy. It’s called civilized social interaction.

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  2. I know how important it is to me to have someone with active listening skills, so I think when we can be attentive with openness to the message and respect for the speaker, it is a wonderful habit. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Colleen.

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    • Thank you Debra! I hope your weekend was lovely.

      It is something I am trying to be better about, to be more conscious of. I sometimes get so excited to ‘share’ that I stop listening well. I need to correct that.


  3. I agree with everyone else basically. Showing understanding with active listening does feel good and it is active listening. It is hurtful if people turn away, just stare, or interrupt when someone is talking. It is a sense of showing empathy even though I never thought of that before. It also creates a safe place to share your beliefs even if there are differences of opinions. I need an active listener, otherwise I may just stop talking. Lovely post Colleen. You always make me think about things with a new set of eyes or perspective. Thank you and sending hugs. β€οΈπŸ€—β€οΈπŸ€—

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  4. THANK you, CM! Just today I was wondering why I share things with a particular friend. Today I showed her a pic of a food item. Her response: Ew! That looks revolting!
    Another time I mentioned my daughter had made peach cobbler. She tells me she despises peach cobbler. Twice she has vehemently bashed my grocery store choices. I kept wondering, why can’t she just disagree in silence like a normal polite person?
    Reading this post on the correct day to remind me good, normal people like you exist!!!

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