It Happens

It’s very likely to happen. I like to think I have ‘some’ grace in life. But I am realistic to know I have some ignorance as well. Maybe it’s to balance me. Ignorance is usually seen as a negative, but I think it can lead to and/or be positive. If it weren’t for having the lack of knowledge….what would be the purpose of learning? And teaching? And exploring? And discovering? I wrote this little ditty above a few years ago and it made me chuckle. But in rewriting it here, it made me think a little more.


14 thoughts on “It Happens

  1. and as my grace trips, it realizes that I have to have grace with the ignorance of others…so it keeps us all humble! I love looking back and realizing…Oh, I thought I had it all together back then and look at how much I DIDN’T know!

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