16 thoughts on “Raise That Roar

  1. I could simply repeat the same words as written in my ‘Roar’ comment of May 2019. Had I previously mentioned that I had saved that post which was later printed & framed? Today though, as I read your revisited powerful post, what is buzzing about my mind is a beloved early 1970’s Helen Reddy song : “I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore, and I know too much to go back and pretend…”. I suppose that could be attributed to the absence of the wee Colleen artwork, or not?! My mind is indeed an unfathomable place! Thank-you!

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    • Thank you for noticing the wee me is not present. I have stopped drawing the wee me because well….I don’t know. I think I wanted to focus on words again.

      But. Yes. When I reread this I will hear Helen Reddy now! 🙂 And why not? I love that song! (And I am pretty sure you did tell me about printing and framing the 2019 post and ME being COMPLETELY gobsmacked and grateful.). Thank you Ellen. Always.


  2. Please forgive my forwardness, blame it on the questionable privilege of age, but…! Don’t you despise those “but” sentences where one attempts to justify themselves for being somewhat rude by prefacing that part with a but? But, I digress! I was about to add “but” as much as I love and enjoy your written wit & wisdom, and I sincerely do, I have also missed the lovely artwork from your talented fingers. In my opinion (for whatever that may be worth) the drawings do not distract from the import of your message, rather they add to it…beautifully! However, on any given day that is your question to decide…to draw or not to draw! Excuse me now, I have a certain song that must be sung. Thank-you!!

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    • Ellen, you have no idea how much this comment meant to me. I enjoy my doodle of mini me but I have struggled with the purpose of this blog. I am SO very grateful that you missed the drawings and told me.

      And, I have whittled that song a time or two in the last couple of days 😉


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