Kew Gardens 18th Smile – Wonderful Finds with a Friend

We’ve all been stuck in place for longer than we expected.  All of my ‘big’ travel plans have been canceled for an undetermined amount of time.

But you can always count on your friends to know what you need.

My dear friend Ute at “Ute Smile” took me along to the Kew Gardens.  She let me explore, shared lunch with me, and educated me a great deal.  Not just on the gardens, but on kindness.  Ute, thank you, for sharing your world with me and brightening my day with your ‘happy world’.

Please pay the Kew Gardens and my friend Ute a visit.  Have a smile.  And a wonderful day.


Ute smile

This time I went to Kew to find the Autumn colours.

My blogger friend Colleen loves to travel and loves Kew,

so I invited Colleen along to enjoy the Gardens.

She loved the yellow Ginko Tree,

behind is a golden Larch just starting to colour.

Along the bridge a variety of colours…….

hang on Colleen I need to catch up.

This is a very tall Monkey Puzzle Tree.

We looked at it closely.

It looked more like a column.

Amazing nature ♥

I couldn’t stop Colleen climbing this Bonsai Tree.

We needed a break and sat down for lunch and a chat.

Colleen brought enough for all in the rucksack, thank you.

On our way we found this beautiful Autumn tree

and rustled through the Autumn leaves.

Thank you Colleen, I’m so happy you could come.

We were having so much fun in Kew Gardens together!!!

I loved every minute…

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