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  1. How incredible beautiful. I think we will talk to animals, know who everyone is and that we will feast and enjoy each other but not like on earth in a spiritual way. I was clinically dead once for a few minutes (given a strong B/P medication which I shouldn’t have received). I remember getting real sick after I took the medicine and telling my husband I was going upstairs but I only made it halfway when I guess I fainted. The next thing I knew was I could hear many men around me, they were talking to the hospital, which kept saying, remember – what ever you do don’t move her. There were the fire department guys and I could hear them saying I am getting no pulse or pressure, a few minutes later the EMTs arrived and they kept saying the same thing. I can tell you this much, I felt amazing. I didn’t see a bright light or hear any voice or see any angels but I felt like I was floating and listening and I felt tremendous. After a while I just knew I had a choice, my daughter and I had been fighting and my husband and I were not getting along very well at the time either so I thought. I had been yelling at God for a long time to take me to heaven with him, but that didn’t work. Then I remember thinking wow my daughter and husband would both have a hard time because of things that had been going on. So I didn’t want anyone to feel badly so I knew I had to stay. The next thing I knew I heard one of the guys sound very excited as he told the group he could hear a faint pulse. Then I woke up to about eight people around me counting my husband. It will be amazing my friend. I will get to meet you as well, oh wise one. Sending my love, Joni

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