23 thoughts on “I Don’t Know

  1. Back in my newspaper writing days, MBC, I surely had that feeling during so many interviews but learned to ask after too many times of sitting at my computer writing a story and picking up the phone and saying, sorry, just one more question …

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  2. “If you ask a stupid question, you may feel stupid; if you don’t ask a stupid question, you remain stupid.” I came across this whilst reading a review of Tony Rothman’s soon to be published book “A Little Book About The Big Bang”. Rothman, the retired American theoretical physicist and a writer of fiction & nonfiction, is quoted as saying that an advisor once said this to him. I jotted down the quote as is my wont and to share with Benjamin. I remain undecided as to whether to attribute it to “Unknown” or “Advisor to Tony Rothman” or “Tony Rothman”…thereby here it is none of the above and just shared! Thank-you!

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  3. I think I run to Google more often probably to mitigate needing to admit my ignorance! LOL! Of course, sometimes we just need to make ourselves vulnerable to get to the end of our questioning. πŸ™‚

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