Fluid and Flexible

Poetry isn’t always clear.  Or all-encompassing.  It may reflect a moment, or a period, of time in anyone’s life.  Or it may be an observation, of the writer, of their perception of being witness to someone else’s experience.  I will write something (like the above) and then re-read it years later (like now) and feel something different then when I wrote it.  It still fits or applies, but for different reasons.  I like that about art.  Whether it be a written art form, painting, drawing, music…..it is fluid and flexible with emotions.



24 thoughts on “Fluid and Flexible

  1. That’s what I really like about poetry, too, Colleen. It the words resonate with me, then there’s a match somewhere for what I need. Poetry often fits the puzzle inside me, at least for a time. 🙂

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  2. This is so true for me anyway. I love what you wrote and what you said. Very lovely and generally when I write something I don’t like it for a few days. I love expressing myself artistically and trying to think what others are writing about. I have definitely written about my moments of anguish and love. Have a blessed evening my wise friend.

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