More Alive

(From: Yellow Door; by C Faherty Brown)

I recognized long ago that no matter how strong I could become, how physically fit I could be, it was not the important thing about my existence.  It’s my energy.  That part of me that feels, emotes, thinks…that is true existence.  That is what will remain as amazing as any other energy.  And these energies…they will recognize one another in new places.


38 thoughts on “More Alive

  1. I am currently reading the “The Yellow Door,” and my husband has an amazing narrative voice, so he is reading it with me and to me. He reads the Irish characters with an Irish voice. We just finished the second chapter and honestly we are both enjoying it so much. Today I caught myself talking about it as if Colleen was currently living there, and then I said to my husband, “What this is just a book, she is not really there.” It is slow reading because we are doing it together and I find myself wanting to read ahead but we have to do it when he is not busy too. It is not a book you can read fast, it needs to be savored. Of course I will write a review when I am done but I am going to take in every word of her story because it is absolutely worth it!

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