The World Lies

I’ve been younger, fitter and had better eye sight.  But the value of me has not decreased with the changes in me.  I know this.



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  1. Our culture is in swoon to all things modern and that includes the pernicious myth that you’re only as old as you feel. Most people I know say they still feel 18 and god help us if that’s the case. I want to be my age, however that shows up. And of course, it’s all going the wrong way but doesn’t everything? Namely, it all ends — or does it? Love the picture. Take care, Julian

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    • You have a great memory. Correct. I did not doodle in the beginning. I have always ‘wished’ to be able to draw. But I never actively pursued it because I did not feel I had the skill. One day at work in a meeting I was doodling because meetings make me zone out. I doodled this little stick figure sitting in a chair with his hands behind his head. I don’t even know what made me draw it. But as I looked at it, I realized it was my dad who had died years before. I recognized him in the way he sat in the chair. Then I tried to see if I could draw ‘me’ and see ‘me’. I recognized me. I would show my doodles to the granddaughter at the time and ask her who it was. She would say it was me. She saw me as well.

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  2. Of course the value of you has not decreased! This shines through. The world is very good at making face-value judgements, and people do not invest as much time trying to see the person they are talking to. REALLY see them. I experience this on a daily, because I look like foreigner in this country haha. So I do not think this just pertains to age, sadly. Can also pertain to weight, colour of skin, religion, many more things. Also I LOVE the doodle of you! It screams the you that shines out of your writing 😀 I love this piece so much, it really speaks to me. ‘Fear of how the world sees the rest of my truths’ is a total fact. Much love to you and your wonderful soul 🙂

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  3. Have to say it. Fuck the “world” … whoever they show up as. It’s not your concern. Truly. You are a beautiful soul. There’s NOTHING more important than that. 💝🐥🕊

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  4. So totally true my friend. The world does lie. All these things are often judged. By the way we grow far more interesting as we get older and wiser. This is something I realized about older people when I was just seventeen. I understood that people with age and time on earth had great wisdom and should be respectful of that. Great saying and I think you are perfectly wonder exactly the way you are. BRAVO my friend.

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  5. You have said it so well, Colleen. I have had my personal “litmus test” in the last year or so. When my daughter went through chemo and we were in “high pandemic” living, I wanted to be supportive of her hair loss and I could’t get hair cuts or colors anyway, so I just decided now was the time to put away vanity, and I went gray. So gray hair, face masks and glasses! Over night there was a change in how I was treated I was treated with respect, but people did see me as old. LOL! I think they thought I was frail and needed help a lot more often than I did. I’ve learned to just say thank you and be respectful of their concern, but it sure was eye opening. And maybe I just don’t see myself as others do. LOL!

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