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  1. I’m looking in my backpack now….
    # a Geelong writers notepad
    # pencil and a pen
    # poems I am taking to recital event tonight
    # poems for my Sunday morning’s poetry group
    # the 27th Tullawalla booklet of my poems (to give away to someone/anyone)
    # a bottle of water
    # no snack, I’m having dinner before I go
    # a small packet of tissues … I cry a lot for no reason ..
    # my medications (just in case)
    # some lollies/chocolates ..

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  2. That’s all you need! Wonder! And the backpack of course…with the rest. I’ve truly enjoyed my travels and meeting new people. New cultures. And in a way grown with better understanding and appreciation of people and natures, cultures different to my own. In my own country too… we’re different from region to region. I’m glad I had that “wonder” and “backpack”. You’ve expressed this so well!

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    • Thank you so much Joy. I wish I could travel to the extent that would truly help me be a better human. But even taking road trips from home I observe such little differences in people and communities. It’s wonderful to see. I just really appreciate the diversity that other communities and cultures give the world.

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