Brag Much?

I have loved this book since before I wrote it.  I literally dreamed about it nightly, for months, before I wrote it.  The only downside to writing it is I don’t dream nightly about it anymore.  Maybe because I committed it to ‘reality’ in this book.  I want to thank Joni for such a heartfelt review.  I don’t have enough ‘thank you’ type words to express my gratitude.  You have made me ‘feel’ like a writer.  That means so very much to me.

My self publishing experience:

When I self published through I created a nightmare for myself.  The ‘wrong’ version was printed (my own error).  If I remove it now the reviews that have made it through will disappear on the lulu page.  They will not transfer any reviews to a newer version of the book.  But I still put the newest version on lulu (here).    Because I published with I had the option/ability to also have it sold through Amazon.  So on Amazon there are 2 versions of this book for sale, and on there are 3 versions because they have an ebook version.    Amazon has put the reviews on both versions of the book.  So that’s a plus.  But for some reason Amazon has removed many reviews and prevented some from being posted at all that were written just for Amazon.  Though Amazon has put the reviews on the new printing (here) the old version is what comes up when people search it and they are charging 25$ and up for it!  The new version on Amazon is at the minimum price that lulu would let me set it  $17.23.  It’s confusing.  But it is printed by lulu, and sold through lulu and Amazon. almost always has coupons.  It’s also a great place to find indie authors.  

I appreciate everyone who has read and written a review for Yellow Door.  Or, attempted to.   Reviews are so important for books to be ‘seen’ on Amazon.  Though Amazon takes most if not all of the money if a book sells through them, it is more likely a book will be seen there.  Writing a review on does not get posted to Amazon, and writing a review on Amazon does not get posted on  Reviews would have to be posted on both sites individually.

P.S…..Joni, you are my favorite today.  💛

20 thoughts on “Brag Much?

    • Thank you Beth. Regarding the publishing world, some of it is my ‘fault’. But we still can’t figure out why Amazon would take down reviews or not even print them initially. I try to not get frustrated. I just enjoy people reading my book! 🙂

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  1. You can brag all you want, Colleen. Self-promotion is absolutely necessary to get the word out. And I’m so glad you did. I just have to figure out which version I want, and then I will have one, too. Wonderful!

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  2. Hello my wise friend, thank you for your kind words. Your book is one lovely experience and I hope many more will do themselves a favor and read this beautiful book you wrote. It was such a joy for both of us to read it together too. Sending big hugs and love Colleen. Your book is definitely big time boastfully appropriate! xoxoxo

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