22 thoughts on “Returned

  1. The last line touched me for what it is. Don’t know if I know it by experience.
    It is so beautiful to claim and live in it fully and deeply, wherever that is.

    That is how I am allowing life to carry me at present. It is a joy to drop by in this place and get to read your post.

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    • Hello Infinite! I do hope all is well with you. Thank you for dropping in. And this post I wrote years ago when I had the utmost pleasure of being at a state park, NO one was anywhere that I could see around me. I had the entire beautiful place to myself. It’s what prompted this. I was there. It ‘felt like’ it was ‘mine’ in the moment. When I left, I left it for someone else. 🙂

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      • Yes I am well and allowing life to carry me :)) I loved knowing your experience about this post. I think you will get this – I have always marvelled how come we strive to ‘own’ land on this planet of ours. I have felt like I get to enjoy the places freely available for us to visit so fully and deeply just by being there – a piece of my own heaven in that moment. I don’t really need to be able to buy it for myself forever.

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  2. Oh bless you my wise friend. The space we need can be small but fulfilling. The trees will listen right along with God but then you already know that. I wish we both had a cool hiding space in our home with a window facing heaven. Love you wise friend. ❤️

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