Her Majesty and I

I never met Her Majesty the Queen.  But I thought it would be a blast to meet her and talk with her.  I can’t even begin to imagine the depth of conversation one could have with her if given that opportunity and the time.  Because I did not meet her and thought it would be wonderful to do so, I drew ‘myself’ with her in 2019 and asked if anyone knew her, could they give her my regards.  I never heard from her.  Sigh.  But I am sure we would have had a dandy of a conversation and I am certain I would have gotten a good laugh from her when I would have tried to convince her to go with backpacks instead of handbags.  I have long admired her devotion and life of service.  I am sad about her passing.  Seeing her had come to give me a sense of comfort and peace, and smiles.  I will miss that.













19 thoughts on “Her Majesty and I

  1. As you I have never met the Queen. I have seen her once at the opening of the parliament in her golden horsedrawn coach, that is how close i got.
    I love the Queen and I will miss her. She was a remarkable woman in all aspects.
    She radiated warmth and understanding.
    She will be terribly missed.

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  2. I adore this post, MBC. I’ve seen the Queen on TV so much I indeed feel as if I have met her! RIP, great Queen. I heard a wonderful fact yesterday on TV, reporting that because of her long reign and many world travels Queen Elizabeth met more people face-to-face than anybody in the history of the world.

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