If Nothing Else Comes

While trying to think of character traits I found myself thinking more about people’s thoughts than actual traits.  Or, maybe thoughts can be characterized as traits.  Or parts of traits.  I don’t know.  And these thoughts I’m having about the ‘fictional’ thoughts above make me relate to the above ‘characters’ thoughts.  Or traits.  I feel like I know the person who had the thoughts (above).  Technically I do, because I created them so I could write them.  But it’s not me.   😉



14 thoughts on “If Nothing Else Comes

    • Great question Chris. When I was writing this it was kind of a free-style trying to create a ‘character’. I was trying to think like someone I would write about. I don’t ‘think’ it was intended to be equated with fame. But more along the lines of good at something, skills, abilities. Feeling strong and confident about what ‘one’ is doing in life. At least that was how it felt when I was writing it.


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