Do Not Hate Me

There’s something about the winter that I enjoy that many I know, do not.  I like the feeling of home when it gets cold and I have safe shelter.  Warm tea.  Blankets.  It feels like ‘old times’, to me, in the winter.  Maybe I like that part of it the most.  It reminds me of stories that the older folks I used to see in my line of work would tell me.  One particular where she told me of the home her father built their family, the pond that was made to turn into an ice rink for the children and their friends.  The apples.  The cider.  The hot chocolate.  And I can see her and her friends, a long time gone, so a very long time ago.  I enjoy the life this woman’s father created for them, vicariously through her memories, passed on to my memories.

I like winter.



23 thoughts on “Do Not Hate Me

  1. How utterly beautiful. My heart aches for a memory I don’t have. I really felt like I was in this one. It really reminds me of that book by Melissa Wiley – ‘Little House in the Highlands’ – a prequel to Little House on the Prairie. I love how you said you enjoyed the life the woman’s father created for his children. It made my heart ache, in a way that inspires me to do the same for my kids, and in a way that is akin to something like gratefulness that you shared this woman’s memory. The sharing of stories like this is so important. I will be thinking of this for a long time. Tireless work put in by loving people to create and spread love in this world. And associating snow with such warmth and comfort and love. What a gift. Thank you for sharing.

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    • OB, what a beautiful comment. Like you, I feel her story. Her life. I so enjoyed sitting in the lodge her father built for them and listening to her tell the story. I could see it so clearly. And I could see the joy it brought to her to retell it. Though she is gone, as are all of her siblings, I am glad I get to keep at least a little piece of her story alive. Thank you for such a beautiful comment.

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