On top of this mountain

I walk into the fog braver than if there was no fog.

To blend in.

To be inconspicuous.

To lose the weight we carry

When we are obvious.

To just be.  Unobvious.





26 thoughts on “Unobvious

  1. I’m not so brave … I suppose I’m too unsteady on my feet these days … obviously, I need to know where my feet are going … and here in Australia, we have to be wary of the “Bunyips” … The bunyip is a creature from the aboriginal mythology of southeastern Australia, said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes.


  2. I dont think I have ever used that word before – unobvious. I would like to be unobvious. I love the picture because I definitely did not spot you until I read the comment two comments above mine by Peter which made me go back and look 😀 To lose the weight we carry when we are obvious – heavy words Colleen. Beautiful post ❤

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      • I totally get what you mean. Fog makes the world a different place. Shiver me timbers. On an entirely different note, I received your lovely book. I began to read it last night. It’s beautiful Colleen. I was hooked. There was a haunting sadness to it, but it was also full of love. I haven’t finished it, but when I do I will make a review post because I had so many thoughts while reading it!

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  3. This is a great post and I loved the piece that accompanied it. My wise friend, you are indeed brave, I get extremely claustrophobia in the fog. You are so brave. I also loved what Ivor included. The scene on the CD was beautiful and also I really enjoyed both the lyrics and music. Your hair was a little wild so I had to stop my husband from doing something boring which he didn’t mind and he took him a minute to find you two and then he laughed. You are lucky to have such a lot of hair, sending you love my wise friend. Big hugs, Joni

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    • My hair is definitely a strong family trait! And thank you. I got a kick out of your husband looking for me in the fog. I don’t like traveling in the fog, but I love being in it. I love the mysticalness of it. 🙂


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