I can be quiet and comfortable with my own silence, when others can’t.  I can be quite talkative and frustrated with the sound of my own voice, but it’s expected.  I can be eager for conversation when it isn’t going to happen.  I can be burdened by the sound of words I am not ready to process.  And sometimes, it just all meshes perfectly.  Someone talks, someone listens.  Or someone is quiet and someone else is grateful.  Communication…am I right? 😉


16 thoughts on “Compatible

  1. I used to be the talkative one, relying on returned conversation to make me feel relevant. As I’ve gotten older I still have as much to say but the response is often as thick a a brick wall, so I tend to have the conversations more with myself. I try not to lecture myself negatively, either. I appreciate my own answers so much more.

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  2. Sometimes listening is difficult, sounds do resonate and ring.
    Sometimes my voice is hard to understand, and a speech impediment wobbles my words
    But I enthusiastically keep trying to communicate as best as I can …

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  3. It is strange when you think about it – about your own conversation skills. I also love the silence, yet on the other hand I can be chatty. All depending where , whom and when really.
    Interesting thoughts!

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