24 thoughts on “Dependent

  1. I do not try to count
    The universe’s brightest stars
    I do not try to change
    The lonely moon’s moody faces

    I do not interfere or stop
    The trees from growing
    And I’ll never try to stop
    The sun from shining

    I never had cause to question her personality
    We accepted our inherent differences
    She was delicately soft
    And lovingly compassionate
    I was resiliently sturdy
    And lovingly loyal

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  2. What came to mind was that old saying β€œWhere all think alike, no one thinks very much.” I’d rather be amongst the thinkers, myself, and dearly hope that we can discuss, even disagree, and still be friends.

    Sadly, I find more and more that when people find a topic they disagree on, the β€œright” thing to do has become to never mention it again rather than to delve more deeply into it?

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  3. Colleen! I love this! This post came at such an opportune time! I was having the biggest argument with my husband today and he said ‘we have two fundamental beliefs that are clashing’ and I said ‘but can’t we still speak with love while we are clashing?’ and he said ‘but you are doing things in a different way than I want’ and I said ‘can you hear me out first before you say that’ and we both made our cases and it ended with him understanding my side and me understanding his side and we both agreed to find a common ground, maybe not today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sit and have tea and enjoy what we enjoy about each other. Haha. I know your post was meant for the wider general nature of things, and maybe it was meant for just this type of situation, but it spoke to me so clearly just now! We need to listen to those closest to us too, to make us stronger and more united in understanding and loving one another. Much love ❀

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