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I thank everyone who has ever considered me for awards.  I love the process of them.  And I have participated in the acceptance of, and passing them along,  over the years.  Unfortunately due to my work schedule and family commitments,  accepting awards greatly minimizes my time to write.  And read.  Which are my primary reasons for having a blog.  I have hesitated in putting this up for some time.  But realized I have thanked people for giving me awards and then not gotten back to passing them along, which is a horrible thing.  My apologies kind blogging world.  I find our place here to be so supportive and positive that I don’t want to wrongfully thank someone, and feel like I have accepted something, and then neglect the rightful thing to do and not pass it along.

4 thoughts on “Awards Free Blog

  1. [ Smiles ] It is nice to know that this blog of yours if one that does not accept awards.

    The bad part about participating in awards is, that you have to go out of your way to nominate somewhere else.

    I do not accept blogging awards either.

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  2. thats awesome. I’m just starting out and the thought of accolades and notoriety is like the badge of honor amongst so much other bloggers. to see this is refreshing and brings me back to earth where I belong. I want to write, I want to read. Cheers.


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