Because, She

Because she is doing what she can when she thinks she can’t.

Because she does what she does because no one is going to tell her she can’t.

Because she didn’t think she wanted to be a mom.

Because she has become the world’s greatest mom.

Because she chose to not be a mom.

Because her choices weren’t all hers to make, but were made with out her consent.

Because she works so hard to move ahead and take care of those in her life. Trying.  Working.  For a future.

Because she struggles through a life time of  disappointments.

Because she doesn’t let anyone see her disappointments.

Because she is three.

Because she is eighty.

Because she is twenty one.

Because of her grace.

Because of her charm.

Because with out grace or charm, she has her own wonderful persona.  Unlike anyone else.

Because she tries.  Because she fails.  Because she learns.

Because she is precious.

Because she is precocious.

Because when she is weak she welcomes help.

Because when she is weak she is determined to do it on her own.

Because she is unpredictable.

Because of her strength when someone else alters her life beyond imagination.

Because she can laugh and cry, sometimes simultaneously.

Because she is imperfect.

Because she will hum to soothe her own nerves and unknowingly soothes others.

Because she isn’t perfect and doesn’t give a flying duck’s butt if she is or not.

Because she does not let change destroy the bonds she holds dear.

Because she challenges life every day.

Because she does not accept what others dictate to her.

Because she knows joy and appreciates the simplicity that defines it.

Because she is fearful but gets up every day to fight her way through the fright.

Because there is so much and she is just one.

Because there is nothing and she creates something.

Because she is inspired by what she sees, or what she doesn’t see.

Because she inspires.

Because she is.