Food For Thought

There are people out there who do just great at controlling their appetites and maintaining the body image they want.  I keep thinking I have that ability.    I.   Do.    Not.

I’ve been trying this “4 Hour Body” concept of eating a very restricted slow carb diet.   And when I say “diet” I mean “diet” as in a lifestyle diet.   Not “I am on a diet” that I intend to use to lose weight and then go off of it and gain everything back.   That was not my intention.   My intention was to try eating in a different manner.   I want to eat to fuel what I want to do.   I want to eat for energy and health.  I want to eat so that I may live long and healthy.  I was pretty pumped thinking I can do this, I can do this!  I want to eat so that food is not a priority in my life but a fuel to living.

So now I am  four weeks in.   I am a total of 3 pounds lighter as of this morning.    Husband is 13 pounds lighter.   I am very happy for him.  I am not so happy for me.   I’m still the same size everywhere.   I have no energy.  I went for a 2 mile run yesterday.  It was the first time in four weeks I made myself run.   And believe me, it was not a pretty sight.   Maybe 25% of that run felt good.   The rest I assure you did not.

My goal to stop thinking about food and worrying about body image has backfired.  I think my mental state would easily be able to support this eating style if I had energy to live!   Energy to ride my bike, run on my feet, stay awake.   Say what you want about carbs but by golly they have a purpose!!!!   And that purpose is to fuel my bike rides!  Fuel my desire to go out and conquer all that is waiting for me to conquer it.  If eating like this had given me energy I would happily consume vast more quantities of beans, bacon, eggs, pork chops and beans.   Yes, beans are my pretty much my sole carbs.  I use to like beans in a cordial kind of way.   But seeing as how I do not have any benefit from eating like this I have decided beans are not my friends any more.   I know as cave people we consumed raw and eventually cooked meats.   We didn’t eat grains.  We didn’t even eat fruits some people say.

I say there was evolution from this point in time for a reason.

We do not sit around and grunt and rip the meat from bones any longer because other things were found to be good.

I like those good things.   I miss those good things.   At least those good things let me function and climb three flights of steps at work without blacking out.

To all you hardcore 4HB-ers I admire you!   I am jealous of you!  I want the benefits you tout.

I’m not getting them.

I might keep with it one more week.   I might not.   It’s biking and running and kayaking season you know.  It was a good effort on my part.   But I got a life to live and by golly carbs are my friends!