Tim Horton’s I Still Love You

Have you any idea my strength?   My fortitude?   My will power?

It is amazing.

Today I sat in a Tim Horton’s for one and a half hours.  Ninety minutes.   A bazillion seconds.   And not one morsel of bagel came near me.   Not one.

I had to meet someone there regarding work.  Yes, it was work, don’t mock me.   I sat there with a large iced coffee.   I sipped at it.  And not one time did I even look at the counter to catch a glimpse.  I didn’t look at other people’s tables to see what they were eating.   I was pretty pleased with my ability to hold back.   To keep myself from vaulting over the counter and start the shoveling process.   I wasn’t even tempted.

Don’t worry Tim Horton’s.  I have not forsaken you.   I will be there bright and early on Saturday.   I will have you you swirly cinnamony raisiny golden crusty piece of heaven.   And I will not neglect the Tim Bits.   Rest assured, I still love you.