I Call Dibs On 7 Billion!

So on Monday the population of the world will reach 7 billion?

How do I know this?  Because Husband told me.  I believe him.

As it turns out the world knows what it is doing.

The 7 Billionth Person To Be Born:

My grandson.

He will be world famous.

He should be.

I don’t want to tell you his name.  I don’t want every one hounding him right from the get go.

But if LIFE magazine still existed they would be doing a pictorial all about him.

Then, fifty years from now, they would do a pictorial of his entire life up to that point.   It will be fascinating.

Sure sure….many other children will be born that day.

But none of them or their families called dibs on the honor of being the 7th Billion person born and alive on earth.

I did.

So it is his honor.

Back off people counters.  I already have this one taken care of.